What is Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a dream state in which you are aware that you are dreaming.  When you wake, you may remember parts of the dream, or the entire dream.  We all love when we wake in the morning and remember our dreams, and for those that truly enjoy being a part of their subconscious, lucid dreaming can be learned.
An average dream lasts about sixty minutes, so most of us have about eight or more dreams a night.  When we wake, we are likely to remember the last dream we were in and not a course of our nightly dreams.  The dream state is an interesting state, and one that many individuals are interested in.
Each night before you go to bed, raise your hand and as you look at your hand, say to yourself, when I see my hand in my dream I will know I am dreaming and when I wake, I will remember my dream.  Repeat this step two or three times.

Keep a journal to record your dreams.  This is one of the most beneficial steps and your dream journal should be kept on your bedside table so that when you wake from a sleep, you can immediately try to remember your dream and record the details of your dream.  This step will also help you to recognize dream elements and help to condition your brain to remember your dreams.  You will start being able to recognize dream signs and help you to learn the meaning of your dreams.
Discover the best time to lucid dream.  Research finds that the best time for individuals to have a lucid dream is during their afternoon nap.  Consider taking time for a nap after lunch to practice lucid dreaming.
Wake up at different time schedules.  Because we have a number of dreams throughout the night, consider setting your alarm to rise 7 1/2 , 6 or 4 ½ hours after you go to bed.  When you wake up, try to remember your dream.  When you think you have remembered all there is to know, they return to your resting position and fall back to sleep imagining that you are dreaming.
The Diamond Method of meditation is another technique to practice lucid dreaming.  With this technique you must meditate.  Get into a comfortable position in a quiet spot and visualize your life while you are both awake and a sleep in your dream state.  Consider the two like facets on a diamond, and realize that life is all in one.  Each experience in life, just as the diamond is an individual facet.  As you continue to meditate each day, you begin to condition your brain and you begin to have a greater perception of your dream life
Lucid dreaming is the awareness that you are dreaming and the ability to remember your dreams.  Part one gave a great overview and introduction of lucid dreaming.  For those that are seeking more ways to practice and learn lucid dreaming, part two provides more suggestions.

On the inside palm of your hand, take a marker and write the letter “A” which stands for “awake”.  Throughout the day when you see the “A” on the palm of your hand, challenge whether you are asleep or awake.  The thought here is that eventually when you see the “A” on the palm of your hand while you are asleep, you will become lucid.
Try to prolong your lucid dreams by rubbing your hands while you are asleep.  This prevents you from recognizing that you are in bed.
Read your dream journal.  You may find that you begin to notice things or dream signs that occur over and over in your dreams, patterns in your dreams.  When you see a dream sign, do a dream check. Eventually this will help you to lucid dream, as your dream sign will enter the dream and you will become aware.
Another method is that each night before you go to bed, to look at your hand and to repeat the phrase “I will dream about”, and whatever you would like to dream about, whether it that gorgeous hunk or beauty of a specimen or whether something else.  Do this for thirty minutes or so.  When you awake in the middle of the night, raise your hands before you and repeat the phrase that you said at bedtime.  If your hands did not appear in your dream, remind yourself of your longing to see your hands in your next dream.   Eventually you will see your hands and know that you are dreaming!

When you wake from a sleep, wake with no motion.  Do not open your eyes, do not move, but lie still.  Slowly feel yourself waking and allow yourself the time to naturally remember your dreams.  Do not open your eyes and think, “it’s a new day”, but focus your thoughts on the dream you have just woken from.  Once you remember a part of your dream, relax and begin to imagine the dream and allow the rest of the dream to fall into place.
Before getting out of bed, position yourself in your different sleeping position to maximize your dream recall.  You will find that when you are in a position that you were in while in your dream state, you will have the best recall.
Our dreams can lead us to a great discovery about ourselves and help us to understand our subconscious.  There are many dream signs that may reappear.  Keep your journal and definitely practice lucid dreaming, as it will help you to discover a great deal about yourself, and just might help your brain from growing old!