Will he always have a temper?”

Q. “I’m dating a guy who is a 1 and I really like him. He’s been talking about getting serious and becoming exclusive, but I notice that he tends to be a bit bossy sometimes and gets mad over little things. I’m a 5. Will he change this habit of his or will he always have a temper?”

A. Your number is the more free-flowing of the two and you will find that you are adaptable to almost any number. However, your partner is exhibting the traits of the 1 vibration and like the Sun, he tends to lose his cool over things. This may disturb you and puzzle you.

You pride yourself in being able to be friends with almost anyone, and tend to have some opinions that tend to be on the changeable side. Your 1 boyfriend feels very strongly about his personal convictions and if in a bad mood, may take offense to things said that were not meant to upset him. Your gift is speech and communication like the Jupiterian number 3. You can talk to him and explain situations to him calmly and see if he can be open to being less intense about things. If not, then it might pose a problem for the future.

You would fare very well with a person who is as easy going as you are and can take things as they come. Your 1 friend may be bossy, but he is also open to reason, it all depends on how you approach him and use your gift of speech to explain things. Don’t teach, but try and suggest. It should make a difference as your are both intellectually well matched. Just decide who will be boss first.