Will it work out if we do?

Q. “I am a 6 and my boyfriend is a 3, I think we should move in together. Will it work out if we do? I love him a lot. Thanks.”

A. Both your numbers are compatible from a numerological stand point, as 3 and 6 are from the same family of numbers. You are a very even-tempered and have a pronounced romantic side. Your partner is very communicative, expressive and tends to share a lot of information with everyone. He is also very easy-going and fun to be with, barring any negative influence fromhis destiny number. You both are a good match if both of you keep in mind the areas where the things could go wrong and then work on them to keep the relationship moving ahead smoothly.

You should let him know what your long term plans are and so should he. Being a 6, you may romanticize your relationship more than is healthy for you and may want to spend all your time with your boyfriend. Keep in mind that your boyfriend will need a lot of space in which to function and may not understand your need for so much closeness. He may be responsible in some areas but not all.

Give him his space and he, on the other hand, should treat your feelings with tenderness and understanding. This could be a good marriage if these and some other little issues could be understood and worked out.